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Private Placement Memorandums​

Red Rock Securities Law provides legal services for the preparation of SEC Regulation D exempt securities offerings. A key part of our Regulation D Offering Preparation Service is the preparation of a Private Placement Memorandum.

The Private Placement Memorandum (“PPM”) serves to disclose critical information to potential investors ensuring they are properly informed regarding the company’s operations, company ownership, investment risks, SEC disclosures, and offering terms prior to investing. A unique aspect of our offering documents is the graphical enhancement of the PPM document. Our graphically enhanced PPM’s allow our clients to present to investors a branded, high specification PPM document with a professional presentation value.

Our sample Private Placement Memorandum (for a fictitious company) is presented below. Note each PPM we prepare is custom-enhanced with graphics and branding thus the enclosed sample is only a draft representative sample. A Red Rock Securities Law final deliverable PPM may not follow this exact format with regards to the content and graphics:

A PPM also requires Exhibits to disclose additional company information and agreements that are material to the investment subscription process. These Exhibits would typically include historical and projected financials, subscription documents, related contracts, company bylaws or operating agreements, and other pertinent supporting data.

Red Rock Securities Law has prepared thousands of Regulation D exempt offerings since 1999. Our highly experienced staff of attorneys can provide the legal advice needed for your offering in addition to the drafting of all relevant offering documents and SEC filings. Our firm can also build and deploy a Regulation D Investor Web Portal to engage your investor prospects, administer the offering and take your investors through the investment process in a seamless and efficient manner.

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