Investor Web Portals

  • Subscription Process Management

  • Investor Relations Management

  • Custom Investor Engagement Page

  • Cap Table Management

Red Rock Securities Law merges comprehensive securities and corporate legal services with integrated Investor Web Portal Technology for Regulation D, Regulation CF, and Regulation A+ securities offerings.

Red Rock Securities Law’s partner technology company, Red Rock Investor Technology Inc., provides the Investor Web Portal Build services for Red Rock Securities Law clients.

This coordinated team of professionals ensures that as your securities offering is being prepared the Investor Web Portal is being built in direct coordination with the lawyers managing the offering preparation.

Modern capital formation is inherently becoming more high-tech focused on web-based applications to efficiently and effectively capitalize a business or project. Most issuers are maximizing the general solicitation advantages of a Regulation A, Regulation D 506(c), and Regulation CF offering by using a custom Investor Web Portal to promote the offering, engage investor prospects, and then guide them seamlessly through the investment processes. Further, our Investor Web Portal also include investor relations and cap table management capabilities for managing existing or new investors in your company.

  • Custom “prospect engagement” website to engage investor prospects and introduce them to the company, the investment opportunity and the offering
  • Tracked investor prospect access to all disclosure documents and SEC filings for providing full disclosure to investors.
  • Clear calls to action to “Invest” in the Company or Fund.
  • Efficiently managed subscription process including investor data aggregation, subscription document completion, accredited investor verifications (Reg D 506(c) only), and multiple payment rails for tendering subscription capital to the issuer.
  • Investor relations capabilities allowing the issuer to share information with investors via news posts, documents, and customizable asset portfolio feature.
  • Administrative management of the securities offering with process tracking, task management and CRM features.
  • Regulation A and Regulation CF Investor Web Portals include transfer agent integrations for immediate and secure transfer of all relevant investor information to the transfer agent’s cap table management system.