“Direct” Regulation CF Offerings

  • Raise up to $5M Annually

  • Generally Solicit the Public with the Offering

  • Raise Capital from Entire Investing Public

  • “Direct” CF Offering Executes on Custom Raise Portal

Red Rock Securities Law specializes in the preparation of “Direct Issuance” Regulation CF Offerings. A “Direct Issuance” Regulation CF offering allows an issuer to execute the Regulation CF offering on a custom built Regulation CF Investor Web Portal, administered by a FINRA broker-dealer, which allows the issuer to avoid the costs and disadvantages associated with traditional crowdfunding platforms.
  • Guidance on entity structure, offering structure, and setting of applicable offering terms;
  • Guidance on Federal securities rules and regulations as they pertain to the Regulation CF exemption;
  • Drafting of Regulation CF Offering Form CF;
  • Submission of complete Form C on EDGAR;
  • Development of Regulation CF Investor Web Portal for launch by broker-dealer intermediary (Investor Web Portal build provided by affiliate Red Rock Investor Technology Inc. and included in the flat fee);
  • Access to Red Rock Securities Law eco-system of FINRA intermediary broker-dealers, transfer agents, escrow agents, and CPAs;
  • Technology coordination with Transfer Agent and Broker Dealer for launch of the Reg CF Investor Web Portal to ensure efficient and seamless launch of the offering.
  • Flat fee offering preparation
  • Lower execution fees and commissions;
  • SEC compliant sales process using a Regulation CF Investor Web Portal built specifically to administer the client’s offering by our affiliate – Red Rock Investor Technology.
  • Full control of investor prospect data and cap table.
  • Bespoke experience for investors as they are engaged with a custom Regulation CF Investor Web Portal and frictionless three minute investment process for investors.
  • Standalone custom Regulation CF Investor Web Portal is solely built to administer your CF offering, accessed via a domain of your choice, with no competing issuers and opportunities as on the CF platforms.
  • General advertising capabilities and the ability to raise capital from accredited and non-accredited investors.