Red Rock Securites Law
Real Estate Offerings

Need to raise capital for your real estate project, fund, or asset acquisition? Red Rock Securities Law prepares securities offerings for real estate operators seeking capital for asset acquisitions, real estate funds, real estate development projects, and other real estate related transactions.

Our firm has significant expertise in real estate securities offerings with approximately 50% of our transactional volume involving real estate related offerings. We have prepared offerings for:

  • Single Asset Acquisitions
  • Multi-Asset Real Estate Funds
  • Development Projects
  • Land Entitlement Projects
  • Commercial Construction Projects
  • Buy-Rehab-Flip Real Estate Funds
  • “Green” Enhanced Projects that involve Solar or other Green Energy Enhancements
  • Lending Fund Offerings for Lenders Seeking Capital to Execute Real Estate Related Loans
  • Loan Acquisition Offerings to Raise Capital for the Purchase and Management of a Portfolio of Loans/Mortgages

In addition to our comprehensive legal services for preparation of the securities offering we can also build and deploy an Investor Web Portal to engage your investor prospects and track them through the investment process. Our Investor Web Portal technology provides offering administrative functions but also streamlines the investment process for your investors.

Interested in raising capital for real estate? Call us to discuss your planned offering: (720) 586-8610.

Interested in raising capital for your real estate acquisition, fund or project?

Call us today to discuss: (720) 586-8610 or complete the contact form below to schedule a call: